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Cinematic Wedding Videos

Exhilarating, natural and artistic

First of all, congratulations on your big day, we wish you all the best as you embark on this wonderful union!

Our videos combine cinematic colour grading with slow motion and subtle effects. We usually provide a full length video (at least 40 minutes), a highlights film (3-6minutes) and optionally a 1 minute video that can be shared on Instagram and Snapchat. Of course, we are fully flexible and can tailor our offer to your requirements.

We pride ourselves on creating wonderful, natural and creative films. We strongly believe in storytelling and we pour our souls into every single project that we take on. We understand this is a once in a lifetime event and we strive to make it as magical as it is. We also understand that wedding films should be fun, natural and creative and we will be there to capture all the little details that make your day special - the family getting together, all the laughs and tears.

Some of our work

Rafael & Thao's Wedding Highlights

Rafael and Thao's beautiful wedding highlights. A mix of two different cultures bound together by love. A perfect couple and an amazing day filled with so much joy and emotion!

Neil and Natalie's Wedding Highlights

Neil and Natalie's incredibly stylish wedding, perfectly complemented by the lovely Hyatt Hotel on Broad Street Birmingham. A big loving family, lots of laughter and tears of joy - the perfect day!

Scott and Ashleigh's Wedding Highlights

Introducing, the Rose's! Congratulations Scott and Ashleigh, we wish you many years of love and happiness. So many beautiful moments, we felt it was a real challenge wrapping everything into a short highlights film, we hope it does justice to your big day!

Mark & Laura's Wedding Highlights

We had the pleasure of filming and editing Mark and Laura's incredibly simple and stylish wedding, in the beautiful town centre of Brewood. One of the loveliest couples we had ever met and no doubt one of our most rewarding filming experience!

Russell and Jayne's Wedding Highlights

It's been an incredible pleasure capturing Russell and Jayne's breathtaking wedding at the beautiful Pendrell Hall. An amazing day, packed full of emotions, definitely something we'll remember!

Pendrell Hall Exclusive Country House Wedding Venue with accommodation Staffordshire - http://www.pendrellhall-venue.co.uk

The Ashes Exclusive Country House Barn Wedding Venue Staffordshire - http://www.theashes-venue.co.uk

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. How much do you charge for your wedding videos?

A. No two weddings are the same. Pricing depends on location, how long your wedding day is the style of the video. Drop us an email or call us to get an accurate quote.


Q. How do we book?

A. Once you're happy to go ahead, we will send you a contract to fill out and send back to us along with a £250 deposit. The rest of the balance is due 7 days prior to the wedding.


Q. When do we meet?

A. We always try to organise a meeting before the wedding. Ideally, we would like to meet 3-4 weeks prior to the wedding date. If this is not possible due to travel distances, we usually have a chat on the phone or Skype.


Q. Do you only cover Birmingham?

A. No. We can travel anywhere in the UK and abroad. Depending on location, we may charge for travel and accommodation.


Q. How many videos do you deliver?

A. Two. One highlights video (3-6minutes) and one full length film (45min to 1h30min).


Q. How many videographers will be present at the wedding?

A. To achieve our unique style we always use 2 videographers. It allows us to catch all those important moments and gives us more freedom to get creative with our camera work. It's also peace of mind for you - if anything happens, there is always a backup available.


Q. How long does it take to get the wedding videos?

A. During busier months it may take up to 3 months, but usually, the videos are ready within 6 weeks. Each wedding requires 40+ hours of editing. We don't rush our edits, we want to give you the best possible film.


Q. How do we get the videos?

A. 2 USB sticks are included in our standard package. You also get a 6-month digital link to download or share the wedding videos. Extra USBs are charged at £10/each.


Q. Are you insured?

A. Yes. Our £2 million public liability insurance covers you or any of your guests in case of any accidents or damage.


Q. Do you offer drone footage?

A. Yes, for an additional fee. This is subject to law, land owner permissions and weather. We are licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority to operate our drones commercially. Our aerial equipment is fully insured by Coverdrone.


Q. What equipment do you use?

A.  We usually bring along 3 main cameras and a backup. These are the latest Sony mirrorless cameras capable of 4K and full HD slow motion as well as high dynamic range Log footage. We also bring along a selection of high quality lenses, shotgun and wireless microphones, camera stabilisers, sliders, tripods, monopods and lighting equipment. Our drones are provided by DJI, world's largest drone manufacturer. Don't worry, everything is super compact and we only bring out equipment as and when needed. Our main priority is for you and your guests to enjoy your special day and forget we're even there!


Q. Will we need to pose for the video?

A. No, our style is very natural and organic. We will never command a smile or direct you. We want to capture the day as it happens.


Q. Do you cover any other type of weddings?

A. Yes. we are happy to cover any wedding.


Q. Can we choose our own music?

A. Absolutely. If you have any preference let us know during our pre-wedding meeting. Alternatively, we are happy to choose tracks that we feel would work for your film.


Q. We have found cheaper options online. Why do you charge more for your wedding videos?

A. Although you may find cheaper alternatives, we offer very good value for money. Please note that we always use 2 videographers – most cheap options usually offer one person. This means that we will be able to capture more important moments and create a more interesting video. We also set up individual recorders for clear audio during the ceremony and speeches.

We don't just capture your wedding day, we create a film. We shoot everything in a flat colour profile and every shot is colour graded individually, for a cinematic look. Editing usually takes 40+ hours, to get everything just perfect.

Finally, for each wedding we bring along £20k+ worth of equipment, in order to get the best result. Some weddings are shot with £1-2000 worth of gear, and sometimes the results show it. Ultimately, it all depends on how it looks to your eyes, and the style that you prefer.


Q. More questions?

A. Drop us a line at enquiries@pixelpromedia.co.uk or call us on 0785 247 2613.




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